Since 1995 at the Golden Hammer Construction Inc we continually strive to achieve excellence and operate our business with honesty and integrity. Our customer’s needs, concerns and questions are of the utmost importance to us and are handled quickly and thoroughly so as to meet or exceed their expectations. It is our commitment to follow through with what we have promised. Golden Hammer Construction Inc takes extreme pride in his company and has an excellent reputation in the Utica Area and the Mohawk Valley.  We Operate an ethical company using OSHA guidelines, emphasizing employee safety and health, monitoring and improving safety programs, and training employees in safe work procedures. These standards ensure a protected and accident-free environment and facilitate an efficient and productive workplace.
The Golden Hammer Construction Inc is a very different kind of construction company. We're modern and innovative, but with very deep roots. Our principles of honesty and integrity originated with the founder over a century ago. He built his business with hard work and a dedication to doing things the right way. He treated everyone fairly - both customers and employees - and as a result, his company grew and prospered. We build projects in a collaborative team environment, using innovative techniques to improve productivity, reduce costs and give clients the best project possible. We do this while maintaining a safe project site and creating an environment for our employees that is consistently recognized as one of the “best places to work.”